A word from our CEO...

August 9, 2022

From: The Desk of the CEO

TO: All HPB Partners AND Customers

First, on behalf of the HPB Executive team, let me thank you for supporting HPB through the years. Your loyalty and dedication have been priceless! Just like every other business, we have been affected by the supply chain backlog and the shift in the economy due to the Covid Pandemic.

Therefore, change is necessary. As CEO, I wanted to take this time to explain the changes. I hope that you understand the necessity of change and that you will continue to help us build the kind of company you would be proud to support.

As my previous letter indicated, we have launched a “new” website with simplicity and efficiency in mind. This letter will outline some changes we made since the previous letter I sent out. Anytime something new is introduced, it will be an evolving thing until all the kinks and wrinkles are ironed out. Everybody including previous store owners and customers will log into: www.healthyplacebotanicals.com. There is no longer a “Back office.” When you log in, you will have the opportunity to become a “member.” When you do, you will automatically be enrolled in our “Loyalty Rewards Program” and awarded fifty (50) rewards points! Every time you make a purchase, you will receive two (2) points for every dollar you spend. Points can be redeemed for free product or discount on your order as shown below just for being a member! (Some restrictions apply) More opportunities will be added to earn points. Stay tuned!

10 points

Member Perk get 10% off

500 points

$25 in free products

1,000 points

$50 in free products

Only one (1) discount may be applied per order. There will be no discount applied on special promotions such as Visionary Pop-Up Sale Items, Senior Day discount nor buy three get one for free. In other words, the 10% Member Perk discount cannot be combined with any other offers. HPB reserves the right to substitute products of equal value. Also, no additional discounts apply to Wholesale packages, Mineral Drops, Motherland or sale items.

We are doing this to express our gratitude for your support and loyalty.

Like I mentioned earlier, when necessary, we will make changes if we believe it will benefit our customers and our business. I am fully aware that these new changes will not make everybody happy and for that I apologize. As CEO, sometimes I must make decisions that won’t always be popular but I will always try to be fair.

In Best Regards,

Joe Saxby/ CEO/HPB

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