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Founded in 2017, Healthy Place Now has provided the highest quality nutritional and health-related 100% organic botanicals and essential oils that consumers can trust.
Our Founder’s promise is that there will never be a toxin, a harmful chemical or a synthetic filler any Healthy Place product. Made with all-natural premium ingredients that are carefully sourced for their purity and potency, our products are designed to optimize our customers’ overall health and wellness.
The Healthy Place promise is inspired by our exclusive standard of product integrity that we call, HealthEgrity®
With a name like Healthy Place, we are committed to helping you achieve your optimal health and fitness-related goals. As our tagline assures, “We’ll Get You There!”


Over the past few months, Healthy Place Botanicals™ has expanded our product line while maintaining our vision and integrity of 100% organic ingredients with efficacious results at extremely competitive prices. The word: Botanicals means all of our ingredients are all plant derived and efficacious. Every day we search the world for the highest quality organic ingredients with potency to create positive health results. What drives us are the daily emails and calls we receive from people wanting to share their stories with us. Their amazing testimonials confirm that we are on the right path to create a "turning point" in the health of good people around the world.